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Reduced stepping motor deburring personnel by 100 people

In recent years, in a strong demand for higher efficiency of motors, and for permanent magnet materials that greatly affect their performance, in addition to improving the magnet performance itself, it has become important to improve its complex shape, heat resistance, and environmental friendliness.  As an effective magnet for complication of shape, there is a rare earth magnet that can form a complicated shape by solidifying neodymium (Nd-Fe-B) with a resin (PPS40%).

 One of the issues in this case is the burr that occurs due to the pursuit of complicated shapes, although the solution tends to be procrastinated. It cannot be a product unless burrs are removed and cleaning.

Similarly, THRUST-BEARING (PPS-CF30%) used for the same stepping motor is the same, and even with excellent molding technology, burrs cannot be completely removed, so it is necessary to remove burrs in the mass production finishing process.

Existing methods for removing burrs from these cannot accommodate the mass production of precision parts such as stepping motors.

Blue Star R&D irradiates powerful ultrasonic waves in water, and if it is ROTOR of (Nd-Fe-B + PPS), 200 to 300 pieces in 5 minutes. With THRUST-BEARING (PPS-CF30%), more than 5000 burrs can be removed and cleaned in 5 minutes. Of course, it is easy to dry. With a production line of 1 million pieces, it can be said that it will be possible to reduce the number of deburring personnel by 100 people. The cost reduction effect is also great.

Blue Star R&D can contribute to technological progress with environmentally friendly and the world’s only one ultrasonic deburring technology .