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Ultrasonic deburring, cleaning and polishing machine for spring/ abrasives unnecessary and what necessary is only water

A high-speed ultrasonic barrel finishing machine for precision parts that can be replaced conventional barrel finishing machines. This is a dream machine for deburring, polishing, cleaning, and simultaneous processing without abrasives.

Only various springs are set in a rotating hexagonal basket, and strong ultrasonic waves are emitted from the outside of the basket.

This is a deburring and polishing device for springs that utilizes positive and negative impact forces when cavities (microscopic vacuum nuclei) are generated and extinguished, and the deburring and polishing effects of ultrasonic vibration.

Various leaf springs, springs, and processing of sizes from 0.5mm to 100mm can be processed at once. Possible process amount at once is 1,000 to 100,000.

Unlike existing deburring machines, abrasives such as stones and needles doesn’t necessary.

Ultrasonic deburring and polishing machine, which only need water and ultrasonic, can process much faster than conventional deburring using method.

Difference between ultrasonic barrel polishing and conventional barrel polishing

No abrasives needed. What necessary is just water and ultrasonic.

・The work of separating from abrasives is unnecessary.

· Defects due to media jams do not occur.

· No need to replace or control abrasives.

· Since there is no abrasives, you are freed from heavy labor.

The deburring and polishing speed is on average several times faster than existing barrels.

At the same time, precision cleaning is possible, and it can also be used for electronic parts with complicated shapes that cannot be soiled.

Wastewater treatment is unnecessary.

In addition to city water, pure water, rust inhibitors, and hydrocarbon solvents (S type) can also be used.

Drying is easy, and full automation can be easily achieved.

Reduce labor costs, stabilize quality, and increase production efficiency.

Full automation of deburring, polishing and drying is also possible.